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Overtime offers Private Sessions for the player that is looking for a more in depth personal training session.  Based entirely on your specific needs, you’ll receive personalized attention required to maximize performance.  The focal point will be on one of the staple skills, which include: Skating, Puck Skills or Shooting.  You can even choose a session that covers all three of the staple skills.  You can hire one of Overtime’s coaches to work with you 1-on-1, or in a semi private group that you can organize with like minded players.

The Private Sessions offer an intensive lesson to help players develop the critical skills that will set them up for future success.  During the session, your player will participate and be drilled, coached and individually supported in a professional, focused environment that is proven to produce significant improvements.

A) Skating: Overtime instructors will focus on the main fundamentals of the technical part of skating:  1) stride; 2) edge control; 3) power 4)  speed

Players will gain:

  • significant improvement in technique, power, speed and confidence that will allow the player to become a more dominant force on the ice.
  • emphasis will be on forward skating skills

B) Puck Skills: Overtime instructors will focus on the technical part puck of handling and passing.  Main components instructed will be hand positioning, weight transfer and puck protection.

C) Shooting: Overtime instructors will focus on the technical aspects of shooting including proper hand positioning and weight distribution.  We will focus on catching pucks and quickly releasing the puck as quick as possible.

Individual or Private sessions

  • $99 for one 1 hour session
  • $445 for five 1 hour sessions
  • $790 for ten 1 hour sessions

10 week class skating session:

  • $600 for 10 sessions, min 3 max 6 players. 1-3 player coach ratio, 1-3 one coach, over 3 would be 2 coaches.
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