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What we offer:

At Overtime, we know that for the true hockey player there is no off-season. So it’s our mission to offer cutting edge performance-building technology and high-level coaching that can be used all-year round.

Synthetic Rink Training

Synthetic Ice is a super high performance synthetic ice skating surface used in professional hockey training centers – dryland training rooms skating rinks worldwide. Skating on good quality synthetic ice requires more effort than well groomed real ice while still allowing skaters to perform all traditional hockey maneuvers.

Benefits of Synthetic Ice:

  • Improves skating speed
  • Improves skating stride power
  • Can be used all-year round
  • Environmentally friendly

The RapidShot Hockey Training System

RapidShot is a patented hockey training system that automatically passes and collects pucks. “The batting cage for hockey players”. There are 8 pass speeds and intervals for training snap shot, wrist shot, backhand and one-timers. RapidShot is the only professional shooting system in the world that measures accuracy, shot speed and reaction time.

How it works:

Swipe Member Card

Each shooting lane is equipped with a bar code reader. As soon as a card is swiped through the reader, the RapidShot computer is activated and awaits your commands.

Set Player Preferences

The RapidShot Hockey Training Sytem is controlled by four command buttons using a hockey stick. Players use the command buttons to adjust the 8 passing speeds and 8 intervals between passes.

Set Playing Mode

Players can choose between Competition Mode, Duel Mode, Training Mode or Stick Testing Mode.


Select start and keep your head up… a series of 16 passes will be fired at the speed and interval selected. An instant before each pass reaches the player’s stick, the shooting target will light up. The speed, accuracy, reaction time and an overall point value are instantly calculated after each shot and displayed on the computer monitor.

Get Day Report

After a session of shooting, members can view their Day Report on the internet site, summarizing their performance. Details include speed, reaction time, points, hit rates for each target and World Rankings status.

Check Online Rankings

All rankings recorded during Competition and Duel Mode shooting are uploaded to www.rapidshot.com regularly throughout the day. Players can visit the web site at anytime to monitor their standings and compare with other players in their age group.

Learn more at RapidShot.com

The RapidTrack Measurement System

RapidTrack is a patented hockey training system from the makers of RapidShot that provides extremely accurate metrics on skating speed and agility. The system can be set up in a number of ways to measure player attributes like agility, stamina and power over varying distances and intervals.

Bird’s-Eye Camera System

The Overtime rink features three strategically-placed Bird’s-Eye cameras plus a mobile chest-mounted camera that can be worn by the trainer. This system allows coaches and players to instantly review play on a tablet and a monitor. Coaches can draw over the screen to illustrate formations and The cameras offer a full view of the playing surface to allow for instant performance feedback and coaches can also draw over the screen to illustrate formations as well as record voiceover. Players and coaches can take these video recordings home with them to review in their own time.

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